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It’s the look that takes sleek and stylish, relaxed and comfortable, and creates a whole new style. Read on to find out how to wear sports luxe, and see if it works for you.

Over the last few years Sports Luxe or “Sports Luxury” clothing has been on the incline in public popularity, undoubtedly aided by the rise of celebrities showing off their outfits on social media.

Although this movement has been prevalent for more than a few successive seasons, like all men’s trends it has evolved at a steady pace, with fresh takes on the look emerging with each new wave of collections.

A lot of people immediately assume when they hear the word sport that the outfit will consist of some type of jogging bottoms and sports vest, I can assure you that’s not the case.

What is sports luxe?
Well, it’s clothing and designs inspired by sport, but by no means exclusive to sports labels. Typically the pieces are comfortable to wear and usually have a relaxed feel to them. You certainly wouldn’t go out for a fine dining meal wearing a complete sports luxe outfit, but it can appear smart if worn in the right way. This easy to master look is about pulling off a sleek and sporty profile, by cleverly mixing and matching more tailored pieces with casual attire.

The essential tank top
The t-shirt is the sports luxe staple. It’s usually plain but can sometimes feature a bold colourful print or pattern. The fit varies the most though, and you can get away with baggy oversized t-shirts, to more tight fitting designs.

Mixed with a pair of casual trousers
For sports luxe there’s a lot of choice when it comes to trousers. You can go for something casual, like a fitted pair of joggers, or try something less relaxed, like slim fit jeans. Occasionally there can be small details and patterns on the trousers, but they’re usually left plain to help draw attention to the footwear.

Finish the look with your favourite sneakers
It’s all about the shoes when it comes to the sports luxe style. Like the tops you’ve got a lot of choice here, and can go for the popular Hi-Tops and trainers, or pick a more formal look with brogues and boots. There needs to be a bit of colour to really pull the outfit together though, so avoid black and brown. Subtly in your footwear doesn’t exist in the sports luxe look.

Your Quick Guide to How to Wear Sports Luxe

  • Sports luxe is simply stands for sports luxury and it’s in constant expansion.
  • Sports luxe includes skateboarding and surfing brands, high-end streetwear and even the most luxurious of orthodox designer brands. With its variety of cultural tribes and price points, sports luxe can be easily accessed by any kind of wallet.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on your sports luxe wardrobe – luxe doesn’t mean inaccessible. The real luxury here is the freedom to dress comfortably yet stylishly.
  • Invest on a few luxurious items, like a pair of statement trainers or a crew neck jumper.
  • You can rely on more affordable brands that will give the same sports luxe tone to your outfit without spending a huge amount of money.
  • Sports luxe gives you the chance to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. It’s literally every man’s dream so what are you waiting for?
  • Use sports luxe’s versatility to your advantage: calibrate your outfits according to each occasion so that you can easily go from casual to semi-formal with the addition of just a few items.

On That Note
Sports luxe and streetwear have massively contributed to making fashion more accessible for everyone via a total infiltration and subversion of its standards – and it was about time. Now that you know that sports luxe includes so much more than sweatpants and t-shirts designed in some guy’s dodgy basement, it’s probably time for you to get yourself something appropriate to walk the streets like you own them. Keep in mind that it’s great to push fashion boundaries but remember not to cross the line between sports luxe and loungewear. There’s always plenty of room for style faux pas but luckily for you, we’ve trained you well.

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