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We’ve designed a collection for all your training requirements and OTIÜM (Latin for Recreation). There is no compromise on look, feel, fit, quality or performance. We have you covered!

Recreation inspired sportswear.
Technical and performance-based fabrics
Styled and constructed for recreational endeavour.
Born from necessity, designed for the grind.

We know that there is no shortage of sportswear options so what and who we design for matters. Our winter sixteen curation comprises of all the essentials you will need this winter and we’ve ensured that each piece is multi-faceted; assists with the way you train and recover whilst looks and feels better than anything you’ve worn before.

Tech Specs:

  • Performance-designed apparel
  • Warm-up, comfort & travel designed
  • Double-faced tech interlock fabric
  • Breathable and climate-controlled fabric
  • High-quality memory-stretch fabric, moves with you


Sport is in our DNA. We hit the gym early while others are still sleeping.

So hit the gym, the court, the track. Get amongst it. It starts here so let’s get it done. Yes training can be tough but we’re here, grinding it out with you.

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